MacroMe: guest photo experience
Role: concept / strategy / design
‘MacroMe’ is an in-house / on-line photography experience that combines nature, technology and art in service of creating one-of-a-kind guest portraits. By combining high resolution scans from the Academy's vast collection of 55 million specimens, with facial recognition / graphics programing, guests are transformed into fantastical beings, melding their features with lifeforms their choosing.

BioNet: 2020 global sustainability initiative
Role: concept / strategy
2020 Bionet
Strategic and conceptual development for the Academy's long term plan for global awareness and transformation with regards to sustainability - focusing on sentinel species, keystone ecosystems and pivotal climate zones.

‘AcadaCam’: 2016 AR mobile strategy
Role: concept / strategy
AR Mobile Strategy
An omnipresent ‘meta-layer’ of content and interaction that connects guests with knowledge in new and meaningful ways through photographs they take while visiting the Academy.


Director of Innovation 2015 -

concept / experience / design / direction